[Script Frenzy] Press Select: A first-person tutorial about game writing

“Press Select” MENU “New Game” “Continue” [Appears conditionally on previous save] “Credits” “Quit” NEW GAME The camera is behind the player-character’s closed eyes, slowly flickering open in a very cliche, minimalist white room. As soon as the player-character’s eyes are fully open, he can navigate the 3D environment with ease. The painfully shiny, circular roomContinue reading “[Script Frenzy] Press Select: A first-person tutorial about game writing”

Script Frenzy 2012 Launches!

Dear Readers, Welcome to Script Frenzy 2012!  Script Frenzy is an annual challenge held by the Office of Letters and Light in April to write a 100-page script in the month of April. This year, I’m participating in Script Frenzy for the first time in several years – and this time, I have an edge:Continue reading “Script Frenzy 2012 Launches!”

Writing Scripts: The “Three Act” Formula

Author’s Note: This is not an actual professional formula.  It’s a theory created by someone who has studied literature and writes scripts for the stage and screen for enjoyment.  If you also enjoy writing scripts, this may help you as well. Over the past year, I’ve developed a sense of myself as a fiction writerContinue reading “Writing Scripts: The “Three Act” Formula”

‘West Bancroft’ wrap-up

As the end of Spring Semester 2011 approaches, I find myself thinking about the end of one project that has been a huge part of my life since October: West Bancroft Side Story. What was originally a 4-episode, 21-song musical parody eventually evolved into the 3-episode, 14-song show available on YouTube today.  There has beenContinue reading “‘West Bancroft’ wrap-up”