‘West Bancroft’ wrap-up

As the end of Spring Semester 2011 approaches, I find myself thinking about the end of one project that has been a huge part of my life since October: West Bancroft Side Story.

What was originally a 4-episode, 21-song musical parody eventually evolved into the 3-episode, 14-song show available on YouTube today.  There has been so much work involved in the show, from the original scriptwriting to revisions and filming.

Looking back, I feel I can no longer take full credit as writer for the show.  Yes, I wrote the original script and most of the songs, but after watching the entire series for the first time at last night’s premiere party, it feels more like a group effort than a solo effort.  The actors took my script and turned it into their own.

I’ll always love the cast of West Bancroft Side Story, and someday I’ll do something different with the script (a friend of mine wants to do a straight stage play of the show) – but my experiences this semester will stay with me forever.