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With that in mind, as a Madoka*Magica franchise fan, most of the mystery of the series evaporated. While that’s true of other spinoff series as well, the direct intersection of Oriko’s path with the plot of the main series is a major detraction from my engagement with the story.

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One Little Word 2017 Determination Feliza Casano
Tohyo Game manga review volume one Feliza Casano for Girls in Capes

New review at Girls in Capes: Tohyo Game, Vol. 1

Tohyo Game Yen Press US manga release volume 1My first review of 2017 is live now at Girls in Capes!

Tohyo Game (literally “Voting Game”) is a horror story in the vein of King’s Game: Origin and Another set among second-year high school students (equivalent to American high school juniors) in contemporary Japan. In one class, students vote for other students’ popularity — and the ones ranked lowest start to die in what can only be described as supernatural circumstances.

Tohyo Game is the first in a three-volume series.

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Children of Icarus by Caighlan Smith Switch Press US cover

Micro-Review: CHILDREN OF ICARUS by Caighlan Smith

I probably shouldn’t have expected much from a book that drew cover comparisons to The Hunger Games (which I hated) and The Maze Runner (which looks boring to me).

The narrator of the book somehow managed to weave a web of lies and deceit, despite making no active decisions until the second half of the book. Much of the plot required more suspension of belief than should be expected, and despite the title, there are few aspects of the original tale of Icarus beyond shallow, almost cosmetic references.

If you absolutely want to read more of the exhausted YA dystopian genre, this is probably a good book to check out, but otherwise, Children of Icarus offers nothing new or interesting for the subgenre.