The First Reading Challenge of the 2020s

Welcome to the new year! Every year since 2012, I’ve done a reading challenge to push myself to read as much and as widely as possible. This is my ninth year participating in a reading challenge, and I’ve come pretty far from the first few years: this year, my goal is to read 200 books.…

Books & anime for your solitary, locked-in-alone binging pleasure

I knew when I started writing about books and anime for that I wanted to work on this article: With horror fiction and horror anime both being such incredibly in-depth areas, we’ve narrowed it down to pairings of stories that focus on people and the relationships between them. While many of the stories possess…

Find my contributions to Unbound World’s 100 Best Horror Books of All Time

October isn’t one of my favorite times of year, but who doesn’t love a good horror read? I helped pick out some of the best horror books of all time over at Unbound Worlds, and I got to slide in one of my favorite authors of all time. Just about every Octavia Butler work is a horror…

Don’t miss these 25 YA fantasy titles!

I know as well as anyone that publishing can be… overwhelming. (You can ask my boyfriend about the walls of books in our office.) So I’ve put together 25 YA fantasy titles that shouldn’t be missed. Speculative fiction has exploded in the young adult category, and the past decade alone has seen some really incredible…


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