End of July: Current Projects & Progress

I’ve got quite a few projects going on as we head into August, and some that you may want to keep an eye on. Please Be Mine: A new 4-episode miniseries for UTTV that will be filmed this fall at the University of  Toledo.  Remember West Bancroft Side Story?  PBM is a new romantic comedyContinue reading “End of July: Current Projects & Progress”

Writing Scripts: The “Three Act” Formula

Author’s Note: This is not an actual professional formula.  It’s a theory created by someone who has studied literature and writes scripts for the stage and screen for enjoyment.  If you also enjoy writing scripts, this may help you as well. Over the past year, I’ve developed a sense of myself as a fiction writerContinue reading “Writing Scripts: The “Three Act” Formula”

‘West Bancroft’ wrap-up

As the end of Spring Semester 2011 approaches, I find myself thinking about the end of one project that has been a huge part of my life since October: West Bancroft Side Story. What was originally a 4-episode, 21-song musical parody eventually evolved into the 3-episode, 14-song show available on YouTube today.  There has beenContinue reading “‘West Bancroft’ wrap-up”

‘West Bancroft’ column updates

My most recent columns about UTTV’s production West Bancroft Side Story have been put into the list on the WBSS production blog’s “IC Columns” page. You can check that out at the link below. http://westbancroftsidestory.wordpress.com/media/ic-columns/ So far, there are 12 columns, but there will be more added – one each week until the end ofContinue reading “‘West Bancroft’ column updates”