End of August: Current Projects & Progress

It’s the end of the month again, so you know what that means: time to give you another update on the current progress I’m making with my large writing projects.  I’ve got several up on the table.

  • Please Be Mine: PBM now has a blog of sorts – it now has its own page on the West Bancroft Side Story blog.  Check it out to learn more about the project!  Currently, I have completed the first two episodes and some scenes in the final two episodes.
  • The Final Experiment: This project is in the editing stage, but I’ve been moving really slowly on it.  I think I’ll be putting on hold until January, since I’m going to be busy this semester with jobs and classes.
  • Unnamed novel: One of the ONLY unnamed projects I’m working on recently got a bit of a revival thanks to some conversations about steampunk with a close friend of mine…  You might expect to see a little bit about the novel (including a post begging for title ideas!) or about the steampunk movement in general in the upcoming months!

There’s a bit more going on at the moment, but since I’m starting a new job soon I can’t really do too much.  The following projects are on hold until further notice:

  • The Rules
  • WBSS Live!
  • Project Revolution (Project Archangel trilogy in general)

For now, I’ll probably focus on the three large projects mentioned above as well as poetry and short fiction because of my work with the UT Writer’s Guild.  Keep an eye out for more of my articles on workshopping!

End of July: Current Projects & Progress

I’ve got quite a few projects going on as we head into August, and some that you may want to keep an eye on.

  • Please Be Mine: A new 4-episode miniseries for UTTV that will be filmed this fall at the University of  Toledo.  Remember West Bancroft Side Story?  PBM is a new romantic comedy (also called a rom-com) that serves as something of a sequel to WBSS.  They’re a bit different in style – no singing and dancing in PBM – but you may be interested in the show, which is loosely based on Pygmalion/My Fair Lady.
  • The Rules: The Rules is still a bit mysterious for all of you – but there are a few things I can say.  The Rules, a stage musical, is a multi-person collaboration and will theoretically be performed for the first time next year.  We are currently working on Act 2.
  • The Final Experiment: The sequel to young adult action/adventure novel The TECH Project is currently undergoing editing.  Hopefully, it will be released next fall.  Meanwhile, those interested can contact thetechproject [at] gmail [dot] com to find out how to order a copy.