Upcoming Event: WOMEN UNBOUND

Here’s a quick and fun announcement, especially for my Toledo-area friends and readers: I’ll be in town next month to speak at an event at the library! The event is the first in a reading series called “Women Unbound,” which celebrates female writers in the Toledo area. The first event is about Superheroines, and IContinue reading “Upcoming Event: WOMEN UNBOUND”


[Guest Post] A Keyboard is Mightier…

Back in the old days, you were a tough guy if you knew how to hold a sword. This illusion of sword being the best tool for world conquest only started to shatter when tough guys started to notice that their ladies were fawning over the pale, fragile and sickly type of people who wereContinue reading “[Guest Post] A Keyboard is Mightier…”

Welcome, 2012! Goals for a new year

The new year isn’t even a month old, and I feel as though I’ve already achieved plenty!  There are so many things to look forward to this year, and many more goals I hope to achieve. Some of them are personal or secret, but a lot of them apply to this blog – or myContinue reading “Welcome, 2012! Goals for a new year”

30 November: NaNo Wrap-Up

It’s the end of another season of NaNo, and it’s time for another monthly wrap-up – special edition! So how did you do this year, Feliza? Well… for the first time ever, I won!  I ended up with just a little over 50,000 words basically at the last minute, though I do have about fiveContinue reading “30 November: NaNo Wrap-Up”

[Guest Post] Writing Utter Crap

We writers tend to tie ourselves up in knots. We know that the first draft doesn’t need to be perfect, but we still manage to act like it does. We have a hard time giving ourselves permission to write utter crap. We forget how freeing it is to not be perfect. An icon I foundContinue reading “[Guest Post] Writing Utter Crap”