Keladry of Mindelan prepared me to be a woman in 2017

I swear, I really am capable of writing about topics other than¬†Protector of the Small (despite recent evidence to the contrary), but the series is far more timely than I wish it were. I was only twelve or so when I read the book for the first time.¬†This is a little ridiculous, I thought toContinue reading “Keladry of Mindelan prepared me to be a woman in 2017”

NaNoWriMo 2017: Writing Soundtrack

I’ve participated in National Novel Writing Month almost every year since 2008 (I skipped in 2010 while working on my undergraduate thesis and cowrote last year using a different account) and have found that, no matter what, the soundtrack I listen to ends up being one of the most important parts of my process.