[Script Frenzy] Press Select: A first-person tutorial about game writing

“Press Select” MENU “New Game” “Continue” [Appears conditionally on previous save] “Credits” “Quit” NEW GAME The camera is behind the player-character’s closed eyes, slowly flickering open in a very cliche, minimalist white room. As soon as the player-character’s eyes are fully open, he can navigate the 3D environment with ease. The painfully shiny, circular roomContinue reading “[Script Frenzy] Press Select: A first-person tutorial about game writing”

International Women’s Day

I know I promised you all that my first post of March would be about the AWP conference I recently attended, but as I haven’t gotten around to it yet and it’s an important day, I figured you’d forgive me. Happy International Women’s Day!  Learn more about International Women’s Day here and, since I’m justContinue reading “International Women’s Day”