May 2015 ABM Happy Mail Review

May’s Happy Mail arrived! (And this time, it wasn’t folded up in my mailbox.)


6×8 copper foil print
5×7 blue ombre print with foil lettering
Word sticker sheet
Emoticon sticker sheet
1 postcard
5 folded cards with envelopes
2 flat cards with envelopes

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April 2015 ABM Happy Mail Review

This month I finally found a couple things that weren’t satisfactory with this subscription, though I’ll admit one of those things is 100% not the fault of A Beautiful Mess.

The first thing that sort of annoyed me was how late my subscription arrived. The first packages start arriving around the 12th of the month — which I know because people start posting the content of this month’s subscription on Instagram. Spoilers much? My package didn’t arrive until April 22, much later than others. Normally I wouldn’t mind, but SPOILERS! I love surprises and I wish I would have been able to avoid the spoilers a bit more this month.

The second thing — totally not ABM’s fault either — was that when I finally DID receive my package, the mail carrier practically folded the envelope in half to shove it into my mailbox! When I received the February package, it was left outside my door, and both March and April ended up in my mailbox. April’s package was delivered by UPS, not USPS, and the extent of the folding was pretty severe – this month’s print and one of the cards was damaged, which was kind of disappointing.

Aside from the items that were damaged, everything else was fine, and I was pretty pleased with the quality of this month’s items.

Photo Apr 24, 9 00 24 AM

Print with glitter lettering
Days of the Week notepad
Washi tape samples
1 postcard
5 folded cards with envelopes
3 flat cards with envelopes

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It’s National Card and Letter Writing Month!

Typically, I don’t place stock in random holidays. Sometimes I observe different monthly themes – Women’s History Month is a personal favorite of mine – but there aren’t many that I do observe.

But I recently learned that April is National Card and Letter Writing Month as observed by the United States Postal Service. This year, the USPS partnered with Scholastic to provide classrooms with a writing program and teaching guide for over 80,000 teachers across the country, and there’s even a special Forever stamp for the occasion.

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Review of the March 2015 Happy Mail subscription box from A Beautiful Mess. Review by Feliza Casano.

March 2015 ABM Happy Mail Review

Month 2 of my Happy Mail subscription has finally rolled around (and I’m SO EXCITED ABOUT IT).  After finding last month’s pieces more than satisfying, I was wondering whether or not March would live up to my expectations.

It did.

Selection from March 2015 Happy Mail subscription service from A Beautiful Mess

Print with metallic lettering
6 neon tags
Shopping List notepad
Sticker sheet
1 postcard
8 cards with envelopes

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Postcard from February 2015 Happy Mail subscription service by A Beautiful Mess

February 2015 ABM Happy Mail Review

I’ll admit I have kind of a thing for subscription services, even though I haven’t tried out too many – I used to do Goodies & Co. before it went defunct, I tried Loot Crate for about three months, and I’ve been a pretty satisfied Starbox subscriber since last July.

However, I’m also kind of notorious among my social circle for being madly in love with the postal system, and the Happy Mail subscription service from A Beautiful Mess has been tempting me since I noticed its existence last month.  And I finally broke down and subscribed.

A Beautiful Mess Happy Mail envelope cardboard mailer

Print with metallic gold lettering
White pencil with gold print
2 sticker sheets
1 postcard
8 cards with envelopes

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