May 2015 ABM Happy Mail Review

May’s Happy Mail arrived! (And this time, it wasn’t folded up in my mailbox.)


6×8 copper foil print
5×7 blue ombre print with foil lettering
Word sticker sheet
Emoticon sticker sheet
1 postcard
5 folded cards with envelopes
2 flat cards with envelopes

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I was pleasantly surprised to find two different prints in the envelope this time around, as well as a very cute postcard. The first print, pictured above overlaying the Happy Mail envelope, is a metallic copper measuring 6 by 8, while the second — the “Get to Work” print pictured below — is a 5 x 7.

Both of them are pretty useful — I’ll be moving in the upcoming month, so I think the wi-fi print will make a cute addition to my new place, and the “Get to Work” print will make an excellent gift for someone I know…

The postcard unfortunately didn’t have any foil on it — my favorite was from my first Happy Mail and featured gold foil — but it was very pretty anyway, and I love that all of the Happy Mail postcards are nice enough quality to be a print. The photo makes the postcard appear sort of white, but it’s actually mint green.


Usually, this package contains more flat cards, or at least a balance between the flat and folded cards, so I was surprised and happy to see that there were more folded cards this month! The only thing that bothered me, really, was the “You’re Golden” card, which is pictured below:


This might seem nit-picky… but it says “You’re Golden” and is stamped in copper foil! This really bothers my inner perfectionist…

This month had some really great extras, as well, which I’m not picturing mainly because almost everyone I mail letters to read this blog and I’d like to surprise them. There were two sheets of stickers: one word sticker sheet, which had different shades of pink, and another that had emoticons on them.

Like any rational stationery-lover, I absolutely adore stickers and other extras. The emoticon stickers are special favorites – they’re absolutely adorable, and I wish ABM had more available on their website. (Sadface.) They’ll make excellent envelope seals for special cards!


This month’s review feels pretty short, but I’ve definitely been a bit strapped for time due to graduation, travel, and moving plans.

Did you enjoy this month’s box?


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