February 2015 ABM Happy Mail Review

Postcard from February 2015 Happy Mail subscription service by A Beautiful Mess

I’ll admit I have kind of a thing for subscription services, even though I haven’t tried out too many – I used to do Goodies & Co. before it went defunct, I tried Loot Crate for about three months, and I’ve been a pretty satisfied Starbox subscriber since last July.

However, I’m also kind of notorious among my social circle for being madly in love with the postal system, and the Happy Mail subscription service from A Beautiful Mess has been tempting me since I noticed its existence last month.  And I finally broke down and subscribed.

A Beautiful Mess Happy Mail envelope cardboard mailer

Print with metallic gold lettering
White pencil with gold print
2 sticker sheets
1 postcard
8 cards with envelopes

Review after the jump!

First off, I have to say I was completely happy with what I found when I ripped open the envelope. Part of the reason I was so excited to check out this subscription service was the cute factor, which I thought was totally going to cheer me up as much as I hope my letters and cards cheer up my friends and loved ones.  And I wasn’t disappointed at all.

As I mentioned above, this month had a mix of different fun things: a print, a pencil, one postcard, two sticker sheets, and 8 cards with matching envelopes of varying types.  I’m not sure what was my favorite, especially since the print and the postcard were the first things I actually saw — and they’re both pretty attention-grabbing!

Postcard from February 2015 Happy Mail subscription service by A Beautiful Mess

The postcard was super-adorable, though, and I thought the roses were lovely.  (I’m a sucker for flower things.)  I was a little surprised, though: it’s printed on a really heavy stock for a postcard.  I’m sure the recipient will like it, though!

I found the cards all great, too.  It was a mix of flat cards and folded cards — to be more precise, 2 folded cards and 6 flat cards in different trim sizes.  Two of the flat cards were for events, a birthday card and a multi-purpose event card.

Birthday card from the  February 2015 Happy Mail subscription service by A Beautiful Mess

One thing I liked about the birthday card was that the back is actually blank, which leaves me lots of room to write a note to the birthday girl!

The others were mostly in the general thinking-of-you category, and others were even more general — like the sweet doughnut print, which I thought was the cutest thing.

Doughnut flat card from the February 2015 Happy Mail subscription service from A Beautiful Mess
How could you not love this?

I’m looking forward to sending out all of these!  with so many of my friends completing their thesis projects this semester, I’m sure each of these beauties will find their own friend whose day needs a little brightening.

Anyone else get the Happy Mail service?  What did you think about this month’s box?


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    1. Yes! I couldn’t take it anymore, haha. The photos were too gorgeous. And I loved February’s SO MUCH. I think ABM is so light and lovely, it makes you happy just to see a post from them.

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