Review of Starbox March 2015 from Starlooks Cosmetics written by Feliza Casano

March 2015 Starbox Review

Here’s another Starbox review.  As I mentioned before, I’ve been a regular subscriber for a while now, and with my various boxes stacking up, it’s pretty easy to see that I’m a fan of this subscription service.

This review’s a bit late, I admit, but I wanted the chance to try out each of this month’s items more than once because of what they were — which is to say a group of things I either have never used or rarely use.

March 2015 Starbox Subscriber makeup box from Starlooks Cosmetics

Lip Gloss in Diamond
Ultra Matte Lip Slick in Infatuated
Volume Mascara in Black

Admittedly, I did like the nice, even look of the three tubes, and the Ultra Matte Lip Slick is a perfect purse-sized item.

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February Starbox makeup subscription box from Starlooks

February 2015 Starbox Review

Even though I’ve been receiving this subscription pretty regularly for more than six months, this is only my second review of what comes inside.  (Oops.)  February’s box was very nice, though, so I thought I’d share.

This month’s box contained three items:

February Starbox makeup subscription box from Starlooks

Gem Eye Pencil in Myth
Tender Gloss in Cherub
Duet fan brush

2015 has, so far, been a year of lipstick for me — but I’d attribute that more to the things I’ve been doing than the year itself, since I like to wear lipstick when I feel like I need more confidence.

Nonetheless, I was excited to see a new shade of tender gloss in this month’s box!  The shade I’ve received before was a bit…. weird-looking on my skin, while this month’s is more similar to last month’s Gisele lipstick, which fits my skin tone well enough for everyday wear.

Individual reviews for each item below the jump!

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September Starbox Review

I’ve been receiving the Starbox monthly subscription from Starlooks for a few months now, and despite my initial hesitation (I pretty much bought the first subscription because it featured a band I like), I was super impressed with the makeup that arrived, and I’ve been pretty loyally using the makeup that arrives each month as I go along.

(For reference, my favorite thing to arrive so far has been the blush palette from August 2014’s box.  I use it probably 4 days a week in varying combinations.  The eyeshadow from July 2014 has also been excellent, though that’s more of a night-out thing for me.)

This month’s box contained four items:

September 2014 Starbox makeup subscription box

  • Kohl Eye Pencil in Oracle
  • Lip Pencil in Roseate
  • STARLOOKS Lashes
  • Single Shadow Compact in Tan Glow

Typically, my main focus for makeup is definitely around my eyes — I love having fun colors around my eyes, and I also like to give my eyes a little more definition — so I was very excited to see both an eyeliner and a shadow in this month’s box.  The first Starbox I received, the July 2014 box, had the eyeliner pencil and single shadow compact in different shades, which I use pretty consistently.

On the other hand, I’ve never used false lashes before, and lip pencils are a little confusing to me.  (If I do anything with my lips beyond a layer of lip balm, it’s normally sliding on a coat of lipstick before running to an event.)

Still, I was excited to check out everything in the box.  Individual reviews for each item below the jump!

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