February 2015 Starbox Review

February Starbox makeup subscription box from Starlooks

Even though I’ve been receiving this subscription pretty regularly for more than six months, this is only my second review of what comes inside.  (Oops.)  February’s box was very nice, though, so I thought I’d share.

This month’s box contained three items:

February Starbox makeup subscription box from Starlooks

Gem Eye Pencil in Myth
Tender Gloss in Cherub
Duet fan brush

2015 has, so far, been a year of lipstick for me — but I’d attribute that more to the things I’ve been doing than the year itself, since I like to wear lipstick when I feel like I need more confidence.

Nonetheless, I was excited to see a new shade of tender gloss in this month’s box!  The shade I’ve received before was a bit…. weird-looking on my skin, while this month’s is more similar to last month’s Gisele lipstick, which fits my skin tone well enough for everyday wear.

Individual reviews for each item below the jump!

Eye Pencil

Though I wasn’t a huge fan of eye pencils before, Starlooks definitely changed that — all of the pencils I’ve received have been really great quality, and the colors have been really pretty.  The Gem pencils seem to be the most metallic of the pencils, though some of the others I’ve received have been pretty shimmery.

I was a bit surprised when I applied this pencil to discover that it’s more of a gunmetal gray than a silver.  The first time I tried it out, I applied it over my normal black eyeliner (Maybelline’s Eye Studio gel liner in black, which works really well on my somewhat smudgy eyelids), but I also tried it on its own later and thought it looked great.  Fine for a bit more everyday use.

Tender Gloss

I was so excited to see this in this month’s Starbox! As I mentioned, I’ve received a tender gloss before, but it’s in an orange shade that looks really weird on me unless I’ve been out in the sun a lot.  (And it’s February.)  This month’s shade is more of a deep plum-pink, similar to January’s lipstick shade.  Both of them are blended to be reminiscent of Pantone’s Color of the Year, Marsala, which is a really lovely deep red.

After applying it, I thought the Cherub shade was pretty subtle compared to January’s Gisele lipstick.  Its closeness to the natural color of my lips actually makes it a really nice lipstick for everyday, and it’ll probably become one of my daily makeup staples for workdays.


A new brush was a wonderful surprise!  This month’s newsletter says that a fan-shaped brush like this one is good for applying bronzer or highlighter.  That’s pretty exciting, at least for me, since I tend to apply powdered bronzer during the winter when my skin hasn’t seen the sun in five months.

A quick Google search indicated that this type of brush was originally designed for brushing away excess powder, like from under your eyes after applying powder.  This seems like it would be pretty helpful — almost all the shadows I use are powder, and that raccoon-y look isn’t exactly my favorite.

Anyone else receive Starbox?  What did you think of this month’s items?  If you’re looking to subscribe, click this link here (referral code).


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