March 2015 ABM Happy Mail Review

Review of the March 2015 Happy Mail subscription box from A Beautiful Mess. Review by Feliza Casano.

Month 2 of my Happy Mail subscription has finally rolled around (and I’m SO EXCITED ABOUT IT).  After finding last month’s pieces more than satisfying, I was wondering whether or not March would live up to my expectations.

It did.

Selection from March 2015 Happy Mail subscription service from A Beautiful Mess

Print with metallic lettering
6 neon tags
Shopping List notepad
Sticker sheet
1 postcard
8 cards with envelopes

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The star of this month’s Happy Mail was definitely the print.  I loved last month’s — it’s currently hanging on the wall over my desk as I write this — and this month’s is actually even more perfect.  Usually, I’d share a picture, but I actually wanted to give it as a gift, and the recipient is a reader of my blog.  (Oh, hey, sup.)



I was actually a little bit confused by some of this month’s items.  For example, I mentioned there were 6 neon tags – like the type that you’d tie onto something to label it.  The thing is that they’re bright.  I mean, really bright.  So bright that they burn your eyeballs looking at them.

I also wasn’t so sure about the sticker sheet, which had 12 different tab-shaped stickers.  It wasn’t clear if the stickers this month were intended to be for a monthly planner — and if they are meant for that, I feel like March is a bit late in the year to receive that kind of thing.  But if it was intended for scrapbooking, that makes much more sense, though I only rarely do any scrapbooking.

On the other hand, this month’s cards were fabulous. I knew as soon as I got them exactly who half the cards would be going to — and the pink one in the top photo, which is admittedly a bit hidden, says “You Got This” and is totally perfect for Thesis Panic Season (as I’ve come to think of the month of March. Graduate school. Go figure.)

In the picture below, you can see this month’s postcard (top) with the sticker sheet (bottom left) and one of the 8 cards with an envelope (bottom right).


This month’s Happy Mail was a bit puzzling, but it was definitely still satisfactory.  I’ve already planned out recipients for tons of the cards I received this month — in fact, by the time you read this, two or three may have already reached their addressee.

What did you think of this month’s Happy Mail?


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