[Guest Post] Survival of the Easiest

As a veteran Nano and first-time Screnzier, I’ve been thinking a lot about the differences between National Novel Writing Month and Script Frenzy. Mostly, I’ve been thinking about which is easier. As a seasoned Nanoer, you’d expect me to go with Nanowrimo. After all, I’ve never even written a script before (barring a few five-minuteContinue reading “[Guest Post] Survival of the Easiest”


[Script Frenzy] Plot Bunny

Script Frenzy has begun, and you may already be stuck.  I’m going to share a few plot outlining tips and familiarize you with my SF project, which I’ll be discussing quite a bit this month. The first is the logline, one of the first things your Frenzy profile asks you for after title and genre. Continue reading “[Script Frenzy] Plot Bunny”

Workshopping: Scripts

Fourth in a series about writing workshops.  The first article was about general workshop guidelines, the second about short fiction, and the third about poetry.  The fifth will focus on workshopping and editing long fiction. Scripts, including stage plays and screenplays, are quite a different genre to work on in a workshop, particularly if itContinue reading “Workshopping: Scripts”