Flash Review, Issue #001

Though I do enjoy writing nice, long book reviews, my normal modus operandi when finishing up a title on Goodreads is to write a few quick paragraphs instead. Here are some flash reviews based on what I’ve been reading lately. (For more, you can always follow me on Goodreads!) This was inspired by my friendContinue reading “Flash Review, Issue #001”

Books to Look Forward To in 2014

I’m kind of a big reader: I’ve been doing it since I was three, and I can be completely ridiculous about things I like.  Last year, I crammed 85 books into my spare time (yes, it exists) and hopefully can fit even more this year, especially adult science fiction – which I love but neverContinue reading “Books to Look Forward To in 2014”

REVIEW: The Daedalus Incident by Michael J. Martinez

Mars is supposed to be dead. But in this action-adventure science fantasy by Michael J. Martinez, it most certainly isn’t, and Lt. Shaila Jain (part of the Mars mining base in 2132) soon finds herself in a bit of hot water as quakes rattle the planet, carving unnatural structures on the surface of Mars. Meanwhile,Continue reading “REVIEW: The Daedalus Incident by Michael J. Martinez”

Happy Birthday – The Rules of the Game

It’s been almost two years since the release date of my writing/publishing experiment, The TECH Project.  Publishing the book was something like an education: apart from writing the darn thing, I decided to learn about publishing by learning to operate a publishing company. To do so, I did research on the publishing industry.  I alsoContinue reading “Happy Birthday – The Rules of the Game”

Defenders International: Chapter 1-01

17 March 2067 (Log b#6945) It was too early to be awake, the neighborhood was rough, and it was pouring rain so hard it was hard to see three feet away – but little things like physical comfort and imminent danger never kept Canaan Matthews away from training. The rain, in fact, was something ofContinue reading “Defenders International: Chapter 1-01”