Books & anime for your solitary, locked-in-alone binging pleasure

I knew when I started writing about books and anime for that I wanted to work on this article: With horror fiction and horror anime both being such incredibly in-depth areas, we’ve narrowed it down to pairings of stories that focus on people and the relationships between them. While many of the stories possessContinue reading “Books & anime for your solitary, locked-in-alone binging pleasure”


I can put Murder Schoolgirls everywhere

Okay, so this isn’t TECHNICALLY about murder schoolgirls. Over at, I’ve got a list of book & anime pairings for anyone looking for a great school story. As a long-time fan of both speculative fiction and anime, one common thread I’ve noticed in both media is the enduring presence of The School Story. PlentyContinue reading “I can put Murder Schoolgirls everywhere”

Book Mail for the Week Ending January 28, 2017

As I mentioned back a while, I don’t get review copies every week, and I missed one last time! This week, my book copies included the new anthology Galactic Empires edited by Neil Clarke.