I struggled with the most recent volume of Love at Fourteen

Love at Fourteen has been one of my favorite ongoing series to review, but Volume 6 was difficult for me: An extremely uncomfortable aspect of Volume 6 is the continued emphasis on romances and crushes between middle school students and the adults in their lives, in particular between students and their teachers. Students having crushesContinue reading “I struggled with the most recent volume of Love at Fourteen”


Check out my most recent manga review at Girls in Capes

Find my latest review up now at Girls in Capes: With that in mind, as a Madoka*Magica franchise fan, most of the mystery of the series evaporated. While that’s true of other spinoff series as well, the direct intersection of Oriko’s path with the plot of the main series is a major detraction from myContinue reading “Check out my most recent manga review at Girls in Capes”

Micro-Review: Hollie Overton’s BABY DOLL isn’t for the faint of heart

While I truly enjoyed this fast-paced, action-filled book, the subject matter is definitely not for readers who might be distressed by the disturbing subject matter. 4 out of 5 stars.

June 2015 Books Completed

June marks the end of the first half of 2015! To complete the 100 Books Challenge, you should be at 50 books for the year.  Unfortunately, I’m not quite there yet — I’m actually falling pretty far behind. But take a look at the books I finished this month. Upside-Down Magic by Sarah Mylnowski, LaurenContinue reading “June 2015 Books Completed”