I struggled with the most recent volume of Love at Fourteen

Love at Fourteen has been one of my favorite ongoing series to review, but Volume 6 was difficult for me:

An extremely uncomfortable aspect of Volume 6 is the continued emphasis on romances and crushes between middle school students and the adults in their lives, in particular between students and their teachers. Students having crushes on teachers — especially student teachers or young teachers — isn’t uncommon or particularly unnatural, but it’s another matter entirely to depict that teacher being romantically or sexually attracted to the middle school student.

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New review at Girls in Capes: Love at Fourteen, Vol. 5

I have a new manga review up at Girls in Capes!

As with previous volumes, Kanata and Kazuki’s relationship is still precious and the absolute best thing about the manga. At one point, Kazuki faces attempted humiliation at the hands of a girl who has a crush on Kanata, but he faces that potentially mortifying experience with grace, and he never tells Kanata what happened — because he wants Kanata to remain friends with the girl. It’s a touching plotline and shows not only Kazuki’s kindness but also his faith in Kanata’s affection for him.

However, I’m starting to worry that this series is moving in the direction of “problematic favorites.”

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New manga review at Girls in Capes: LOVE AT FOURTEEN, Vol. 4

Mizutani_LoveAtFourteen_V4_FINALCheck out my latest manga review at Girls in Capes!

Kanata Tanaka and Kazuki Yoshikawa are very grown-up for middle schoolers. Between Kanata’s womanly grace and Kazuki’s sophisticated manliness, the rest of Class 2-B is awed – and a little intimidated – by their maturity, seriousness, and good grades.

But Kanata and Kazuki really don’t feel mature at all, and they meet secretly to goof off and blow off steam – but during their second year of middle school, their friendship starts to change into something else entirely.

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