Find out what I recommend in Adult Sci-Fi & Fantasy in Summer 2016

My newest piece on Girls in Capes is a recommendation list of this summer’s most anticipated adult science fiction and fantasy for GiC readers.

I have a notoriously tall To Be Read pile. If you look at my Goodreads account, you’ll see that I consistently have 10 or more books shelved in Currently Reading, and right now my To Read list is almost at 500!

…but that doesn’t mean I don’t always have an eye out for even more books to read, especially ones from authors I’m really excited about. Here are a few of my most anticipated new releases for Summer 2016, in order of their release date.

Just between you and me, I have two books that I’m most excited to share — the launch of a new series and a continuation, with one firmly a science fiction space opera and the other an apocalyptic fantasy.

But hey, I won’t spoil the surprise: you’ll find my reviews for K.B. Wagers’ Behind the Throne and N.K. Jemisin’s The Obelisk Gate on Girls in Capes later this summer.

Feliza Casano Girls in Capes Main Line Today Photo by Tessa Marie Images

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After a few months of sitting on this pretty exciting news, I can finally share the exciting news: I was profiled in Main Line Today’s February 2016 issue!

That sense of being “other” extended to her predilection for reading. Casano could read by the time she was 3 years old. Her earliest experience with fiction came in sixth grade. The book: Tamora Pierce’s Protector of the Small

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New editor’s letter at Girls in Capes for November’s Epic Issue!

I’ve got a new Editor’s Letter up at Girls in Capes!

This month’s letter addresses something that bothers me about Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey:

But alas: like many literary structures, the different stages of Campbell’s monomyth — summarized here on Wikipedia — has some of the gendered earmarks of its time.  Written in 1949, the work draws on fantasy work and mythology that simply doesn’t give complexity to female characters, in particular subscribing to the ancient (and exhausted) archetypes of the Madonna and the Whore.

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New Editor’s Letter at Girls in Capes – The Second Problematic Favorite Issue

I’m a few days late, but check out my newest Editor’s Letter for the October issue at Girls in Capes: The Second Problematic Favorite Issue.

My preferences in fiction and fact are incredibly far apart, but that’s one reason to look at my preferences in fiction even more closely.  What exactly do I like so much about characters like Kouga and Gaston, anyway? Why do I keep feeding a monster of misogyny in entertainment?

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Manga Review: So Cute It Hurts!! Vol. 1

I’ve got a new review of the gender-bender shojo romance SO CUTE IT HURTS!! up over at Girls in Capes!

As a shojo romance reader, I thought that his manga was very endearing and sweet, and I appreciated that the couples in the book feel very fresh as opposed to some of the really, really tired shojo romance go-tos.

On the other hand, one couple was much more developed than the other, which I thought hurt the story a bit.

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New Editor’s Letter at Girls in Capes – The Starstruck Issue

I’ve got a new Editor’s Letter up at Girls in Capes! In this month’s Starstruck Issue, I regale readers with a fascinating tale about my own experience being starstruck.

(And by “fascinating,” I mean I couldn’t talk to Tamora Pierce because I was crying too much.)

Check out my editor’s letter, including a preview of this month’s articles, over here.