On My Way: AWP National Conference 2014

I’ve mentioned AWP before on this site, as I attended the national conference in both 2012 and 2013. This year, 2014, will mark my third time attending the Association of Writers and Writing Programs National Conference, which takes place in Seattle this year. (The two conferences I previously attended were in Chicago [2012] and Boston [2013].)

This year, I’m attending as a staff member of Rathalla Review. You can come visit me at the Rathalla Review table on the book fair floor – if you do, I’ll give you a free magazine!  Our booth is #400, and you can also learn more about Rosemont College.

There are tons of panels I’m looking forward to checking out this year, too, though being busy with the table may prevent me from actually making it to all of them – and some of them may be packed, anyway!  Here are my top picks for panels at AWP 2014:

  1. Science Fiction and Fantasy by Women of the Pacific Northwest: A Hydra House Reading. (Friday, Feb. 28 9-10:15, Rm 303) According to the panel description, the number of sci-fi and fantasy writers in the Pacific Northwest has generated a number of small presses.  While I do love reading science fiction and fantasy, I’m not familiar with many small presses – I mainly read from Orbit Books and Tor if I’m reading adult fiction – so I’m thrilled to check out this reading and also check out the titles from Hydra House.  (If I’m reading the description correctly, the readers will be Louise Marley, KC Ball, Danika Dinsmore, Rachel Swirsky, and Abbey Mei Otis.)
  2. Hip Lit: How Innovative Reading Series are Revamping the Literary Scene (Saturday, Mar. 1 9-10:15, Rm. 618/619/620) I admit I really like interesting readings. This panel will talk about PR strategies, curating “creatively,” and making readings fresh and exciting. As I’m really interested in pursuing public relations and publicity as a publishing industry career choice, it really sounds right up my alley, and I love implementing creative ideas.
  3. We’re Having a party: Building a Literary Community Through Event Series (Thursday, Feb. 27 9-10:15, Rm. 305) Another fun event-based panel, this one will address event space, curating, funding, and hosting along with publicity, so it seems like it may be complementary to the other one. This panel also seems like it will focus on promoting independent authors and artists along with local creative communities, which is also something I’m really excited about trying out.

These are my top three on-site events for this year’s conference, and I really hope I can make it to all of them – they’re all so early in the morning, and I have a table to help with! I’d also like to check out two off-site events: the Filipino Writers Reading (Wednesday, Feb. 26 6:30 at University of Washington) and Monster Mags of the Midwest (Thursday, Feb. 27 6:30 at Unicorn on E. Pike).

There are a ton of other events and panels on my list, but these are the top – who knows how much time I’ll have to visit the things I want to visit?  I hope to see some of you there.  What are you most excited to see at AWP this year?

March 2013 Review

March has been a busy month!  I kicked it off with a trip to Boston for the AWP National Conference, which I attended last year.  While I spent most of the conference working at the Rosemont College booth and talking with other writers, I was lucky enough to get the chance to attend a couple panels and meet people from the West Coast working at literary magazines I would have never heard of otherwise.

If you’re interested in such things, check out TAYO Literary Magazine and Kartika Review.  TAYO is a literary magazine “dedicated to the creation, cultivation, and promotion of Filipino and Filipino-American arts and culture.”  Kartika Review is a national literary magazine that publishes Asian Pacific Islander American fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.

I also had the opportunity to visit 1370 WSPD Toledo to join the segment Eye on Your Weekend.  Check out the radio show here in downloadable podcast format to find out what I talked about!

February 2013 Review

February has really started off well.  While I wasn’t busy enough in January to publish a significant number of articles this February, I’ve been really busy this month working on articles to go up next month – and, naturally, I’m very excited about the articles to go up in March.  For now, check out the posts I’ve had up in February:

I’m also looking forward to attending the AWP national conference again this year – this time, it’s in Boston.  I’ll see if I can do a brief review when I get back.  The conference takes place between Marc 6 and March 9.

You can also look forward to the official launch day for Girls in Capes, which is March 8 – International Women’s Day.  We have a ton of great content coming up on March 8, so make sure to head over and subscribe now through WordPress or via our Twitter account (@GirlsInCapes) for some exciting new articles next month!

29 February: Review

Happy Leap Year!

With the help of my peers and contacts, I’ve been able to enjoy lots of inspiration this month.  My personal favorite blog article was Painfully Honest Critiques, inspired by several painfully honest sessions with my boyfriend (who is relentless in critiques, especially poetry critiques.)

It was a good month at UT Today for me! In February, the following articles were posted on UT Today:

This doesn’t include articles in the print edition of UT News.

As far as personal writing goes, not much progress was made this month. I’ve been really busy working on some detailed outlines, but not much actual writing.

However, I’ve done a bit more in the local literary community. Apart from the UTWG + The Mill Open Mic poetry reading Feb. 17 (see photos from the event here), I also attended a few other events including a poetry reading at Grounds for Thought in Bowling Green, which my boyfriend thought would be fun.  (It was.)

That’s it for February – check back in March!

A note: my blog will be suspiciously silent for the next few days, and those I regularly write to or whose blogs I regularly comment on may notice I’m just not around.  I’ll be attending the Association for Writers and Writing Programs’ National Conference in Chicago, which lasts March 1-3.

The conference is four hours away from where we live, and five members of UT Writer’s Guild will be attending.  This is a fantastic opportunity for all of us: three of us plan to apply for MFA programs within the next five years, one is graduating next year with a degree in English education, and I aspire for a career in publishing.  The conference will be a great way for many of us to learn more about the fields we want to go into, which is why we’re going.

However, I won’t be getting home until March 4, and I’ll be totally wiped out from the conference!  My plan for the first post-conference blog is to blog specifically about the conference – photos included – and that won’t be ready for a few days, so March may be pretty scant in terms of blogging.  However, I’ll be out of town a grand total of three times in March (!), so you can expect some interesting articles next month!