February 2013 Review

February has really started off well.  While I wasn’t busy enough in January to publish a significant number of articles this February, I’ve been really busy this month working on articles to go up next month – and, naturally, I’m very excited about the articles to go up in March.  For now, check out the posts I’ve had up in February:

I’m also looking forward to attending the AWP national conference again this year – this time, it’s in Boston.  I’ll see if I can do a brief review when I get back.  The conference takes place between Marc 6 and March 9.

You can also look forward to the official launch day for Girls in Capes, which is March 8 – International Women’s Day.  We have a ton of great content coming up on March 8, so make sure to head over and subscribe now through WordPress or via our Twitter account (@GirlsInCapes) for some exciting new articles next month!