Site Updates: 25 Feb

I’ve been making some changes to the site recently, and I figured it’s about time I post an update. Added Guest Post category.  Now you can check out every guest post I’ve hosted on this blog here.  I’m looking forward to hosting some new guests (possibly even REGULAR guests) soon, so this feature is goingContinue reading “Site Updates: 25 Feb”

Reader Poll: What Do You Want Next?

Hello, readers!  This is probably one of the few times I’ve addressed you directly, but as my final year in college approaches, I figure a little change may be necessary, and before I do so I would like to hear from YOU. This is a personal blog, but I do like to write informative articles. Continue reading “Reader Poll: What Do You Want Next?”

18 August: Updates and More

Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know about some of the changes I’ve made to the blog recently. Links page: added Find Me section – As I’ve started to amass a variety of personal sites, I thought I should probably link up everything in one place, so I added a new section. ThemeContinue reading “18 August: Updates and More”