Indie Toledo: Research Poll

Hello Indie Toledo fans! This week, I’m conducting a quick research poll.  Here’s the question: What independently owned and operated shops or restaurants in Toledo do you want to see reviewed on this blog? You can check which ones have reviews here if you like. I’m really looking for businesses that are NOT in theContinue reading “Indie Toledo: Research Poll”


Indie Toledo: Phoenicia Cuisine

Part of a series about independent restaurants and stores in the Northwest Ohio area. Classes at the University of Toledo have started up again, and in honor of thousands of students migrating back to Toledo to learn stuff, I would like to present you with a special edition of Indie Toledo about an on-campus treasure.Continue reading “Indie Toledo: Phoenicia Cuisine”

Indie Toledo: KotoBuki

Part of a series about independent restaurants and stores in the Northwest Ohio area. KotoBuki in Sylvania, Ohio is one of several Japanese food/sushi places within just a few miles on Monroe Street.  Nestled among a variety of shops in the same plaza, KotoBuki houses a beautiful dine-in area and a friendly atmosphere. The restaurantContinue reading “Indie Toledo: KotoBuki”

Indie Toledo: Elaine’s Tea Shoppe

Part of a series about independent restaurants and retailers in the Toledo area. Toledo isn’t exactly the place you’d expect to find tea and scones, but you can in fact find a place that serves tea and scones on Monroe Street in West Toledo. Elaine’s Tea Shoppe, which has been in the area for aboutContinue reading “Indie Toledo: Elaine’s Tea Shoppe”

Indie Toledo: PLATE 21

Part of a series about independent shops and restaurants in the Northwest Ohio area. Cafes and coffee shops in Toledo can be hard to come by, especially if you’re not looking for a chain like Starbucks or Biggby’s.  As a student at the University of Toledo, I’ve been disappointed by what’s nearby.  We once hadContinue reading “Indie Toledo: PLATE 21”