Find my contributions to Unbound World’s 100 Best Horror Books of All Time

October isn’t one of my favorite times of year, but who doesn’t love a good horror read? I helped pick out some of the best horror books of all time over at Unbound Worlds, and I got to slide in one of my favorite authors of all time.

Just about every Octavia Butler work is a horror story on some level, but Fledgling’s tale of Shori, by appearance a young Black girl with severe amnesia and in reality a vampire genetically modified to survive in sunlight, explores ignorance, bigotry, and the horror wrought by humans themselves with a timelessness that remains relevant today.

Find the full list of titles at Unbound Worlds — and see if you can find all of mine!

UTWG Horror Competition

As vice president of the UT Writer’s Guild, I’m sponsoring a horror competition for students at the University of Toledo this October.

All types of writing, including poetry and fiction, will be eligible for the competition, as long as entries maintain a horror theme.  I will also accept submissions in the following genres: dark fantasy, general dark, and suspense.

Please limit entries to word counts of 17,000 or 10 pages in total for poetry.  We also ask that you present the entries in manuscript format if entering a script or a work of fiction and, if possible, please use double-sided pages.

Submit entries via e-mail attachment at with your name and major.  If there is any other information you feel is important to include, you may also include that on your cover page or in your cover letter.

The deadline for the competition is October 25, 2011.