Leap of Faith

It arrives every year, usually quietly and without much fanfare due to the havoc of the day prior.  Sometimes it sneaks up so quietly, I don’t notice until it’s nearly upon me. Ash Wednesday. Being raised Catholic – and attending Catholic school for 11 years – I learned a lot about the observance of Lent,Continue reading “Leap of Faith”

The Unavoidable Pre-Valentine’s Post

* Author’s Note: If you don’t like Valentine’s Day or are one of the 70% of singles who have reported feeling “depression” or “anxiety” because of Valentine’s Day, this post may not be for you.  If you don’t really care about any of that, or if you are interested in somewhat funny or interesting things,Continue reading “The Unavoidable Pre-Valentine’s Post”

Year of the Dragon, in Red

The Chinese New Year festival started a few days ago, marking the new Year of the Dragon on the Chinese Zodiac calendar.  While the little I know about the Chinese Zodiac comes from fortune-telling books and Fruits Basket, I did learn something interesting in an e-mail from Polyvore: Dragons love rubies, the color red, bigContinue reading “Year of the Dragon, in Red”

A Story of Giving

About a month ago, the student organization I’m involved with held a used book sale in the Student Union at my university.  The book sale was entirely run by volunteers: the books were all donated by generous sponsors and the table itself was run by volunteers from the UT Writer’s Guild. There were some reallyContinue reading “A Story of Giving”