Toledo area: Local Authors Fair

If you’re in the Toledo area – and will be over the weekend of April 14 – consider checking out the local author fair at the Wood County Public Library on April 14. Wood County Public Library is located at 251 N. Main Street in Bowling Green, Ohio. The event, officially called the Local WritersContinue reading “Toledo area: Local Authors Fair”


Book Trailers: A Response

I was reading Kaitlin’s post about book trailers and thought I’d pitch in my own opinion, even though it’s a bit off-topic.  In her post, she made a list of pros and cons about book trailers, trying to decide whether they were “cool or hokey.” A book trailer is a promotional tool for authors orContinue reading “Book Trailers: A Response”

A Quick Guide to Fabulous Tea

I’m not going to pretend I don’t like food. I’m a pretty small person – height-wise AND around – and people think I diet to stay my size. I don’t. I have a terrible, terrible habit of eating everything in sight, especially when I’m sitting down to write, which is really inconvenient because I’m aContinue reading “A Quick Guide to Fabulous Tea”

Writing Organizations and Programs for Young Adult Writers

So you want to write for teenagers.  You’re not alone: young adult blockbusting books have been sweeping the country, from the meteoric rise of the Harry Potter series to the Twilight and Hunger Games phenomena.  It’s still considered a niche genre, though – one that isn’t always respected at the college level, as I’ve foundContinue reading “Writing Organizations and Programs for Young Adult Writers”