Book Trailers: A Response

I was reading Kaitlin’s post about book trailers and thought I’d pitch in my own opinion, even though it’s a bit off-topic.  In her post, she made a list of pros and cons about book trailers, trying to decide whether they were “cool or hokey.” A book trailer is a promotional tool for authors orContinue reading “Book Trailers: A Response”

Quick PR for Non-Public Figures

So you’ve done something really cool. Maybe you’ve won an award or a fellowship. Or, if you’re like most of my readers, you’ve written a book that’s finally going to be published. These things happen once in a while, and when they do, you want to tell the world about them. …maybe not the entireContinue reading “Quick PR for Non-Public Figures”

UTWG sponsoring Poetry in the Park

The University of Toledo Writer’s Guild is sponsoring a poetry reading and social event called Poetry in the Park Friday, September 23 at Wildwood Metropark. The brown-bag event is free and open to all University students. At the event, students are invited to bring at least one poem to read: either a poem they wroteContinue reading “UTWG sponsoring Poetry in the Park”