Writing Organizations and Programs for Young Adult Writers

So you want to write for teenagers.  You’re not alone: young adult blockbusting books have been sweeping the country, from the meteoric rise of the Harry Potter series to the Twilight and Hunger Games phenomena.  It’s still considered a niche genre, though – one that isn’t always respected at the college level, as I’ve foundContinue reading “Writing Organizations and Programs for Young Adult Writers”

31 January: Review

January was a busy month for me! It marked the beginning of my last semester at the University of Toledo as well as tons of fun things in UT Writer’s Guild. At UT Today, several of my articles went up this month: New Student Health and Wellness Center to be celebrated Jan. 13 Environmental sciencesContinue reading “31 January: Review”

Writing Organizations for Student Journalists

This is a bit late for me, since I’m graduating in May, but I thought it might be a good idea to talk a little bit about writing organizations for journalists and other editorial media that students may be interested in. First off, any student who is either an intern at a news organization orContinue reading “Writing Organizations for Student Journalists”