Hiatus Notification

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I haven’t posted very frequently lately.  I’ll graduate at the end of this week and am currently in the midst of finals week, which is why I stopped participating in this year’s Script Frenzy and have had a more or less completely dead blog.

Please excuse me for the next two weeks as I wrap up my internship, my time at the university, and begin training at my new job!  I promise I’ll be back by the end of May – possibly with a little revamp of my Indie Toledo series!

5 thoughts on “Hiatus Notification

  1. I wish I had something like finals to justify my declining blog presence! I’m just plain old up to my eyes in stuff, and slightly disorganized to boot! 😉


    • also, precious

      my monkey, was just graduated, at rutgers, new brunswick,nj – and will be attending law school in maryland in august – the 3rd oldest law school in the country :: peace & congrats — live it upppppp!



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