Best Bet Blogs for Fall 2011

I haven’t really tried this before, but I’ve seen plenty of blog roundups and finally decided I would try it, just once, and see how all this turns out.

After spending way too much of my free/not-so-free time reading blogs and blog articles, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are definitely some blogs worth looking at, just because it’s fall and they give you that fuzzy and cozy feeling on the inside.  Here are my favorite picks for fall blog reading this year.

one sheepish girl

This blog, run by a lovely young lady named Meredith, is a very sweet blog about knitting and crochet.  Meredith runs an Etsy shop, which you can find on the page.

I love some of the features on one sheepish girl.  I can usually count on a few – like the Blush List or Weekend Plans – but my personal favorite is a relatively new addition called DallasMADE, which explores the crafting community in Dallas.  (Reminds me a bit of Indie Toledo, I guess!)

Basalmic Sesame Chicken from Just Bento

All right, so this isn’t really a new blog post – it’s from 2008 – and it’s an end-of-summer post.  But what sounds more delicious than Maki’s Basalmic Sesame Chicken?  This recipe features pan-fried boneless, skinless chicken you can enjoy hot or pack in your lunch.  I hope to make some this fall to pack in my bento, which is a Japanese-style packed lunch.  You can learn more about bento at Maki’s site Just Bento.

APPLE A DAY’s Slow Cooker Maple Applesauce

Here in the Midwest, fall means apple season.  You can head out to an apple orchard and buy a whole peck of your favorite apples – but what to do with them once you’ve got them?  Try this applesauce recipe for a slow cooker found on APPLE A DAY, a recipe blog with original and found recipes.

While you’re at it, check out everything else on APPLE A DAY – like these ham and egg cups with pesto a friend of mine recommends.  Everything on the site is drool-worthy, and there’s something to be found for every taste.


These are some of my favorite posts and blogs!  What are your favorite fall-flavored posts and blogs this fall?


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