Something Strange.

***Due to potentially offensive content, the majority of this post will be hidden under a MORE tag.  If you are willing to take a look after reading the description, please read the article on my blog rather than through an RSS reader.

While going through my Google Reader updates, I saw a really interesting post on a blog I follow, What Not to Crochet.  The blog posts tons of really, really weird ideas and pictures of things no one would ever want to crochet.

Once in a while, though, there are things that are really bizarre – like their post with a pattern to make a pink stuffed fetus to put in a jar.

The picture didn’t look like a fetus when I first saw it…  I thought it was supposed to be a jarred octopus.

In the second picture on WNC’s post, the little crochet thing with gigantic eyes was taken out of the jar and laid out so it could be clearly seen.  Some readers took great offense to this, saying it was in poor taste, just plain gross, et cetera.

After the initial shock – “OHHHMYGOSH IT’S A FETUS” – I decided it was actually kind of cute.

You can find the original post by Kelley here and the What Not to Crochet post here.  Please don’t flame either post – if the idea offends you, just don’t look at it.  That’s why I’m not posting pictures on my blog.

What do you think of this crochet pattern?  Inappropriate?  Or is there a time it might actually BE appropriate?


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Feliza Casano is a writer and editor with a love of speculative fiction, graphic novels, and good books. She writes and edits at Girls in Capes ( and contributes to other websites on science fiction and fantasy topics.

2 thoughts on “Something Strange.

  1. I also love the What not to Crochet website. It’s always good for a LOL or WTF? moment. We need those moments once a day in order to maintain good mental health. Thanks for contributing to my wellness plan.


    1. No problem! It was a WTF first for me, then suddenly LOL. I still think it’s kind of cute even now, but not sure if I want to make one…



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