25 July: Updates

I have a little bit of fun new info for everyone!

In news articles…

  1. Emergency workers to be honored on wall – Dr. Frank Foss, Dorothy Hussain, and Timothy Shiltz will be honored in a ceremony tomorrow.
  2. College of Nursing students volunteer at ADA Zoo Day – A group of students from UT’s College of Nursing are volunteering at ADA Zoo Day at the Toledo Zoo today.

I’ll try to post more information next week as well.

New stories

It seems some of my stories have finally started popping up on the myUT update page!

Yes, only two, but two is okay!  I’m satisfied with just a couple, since it’s never certain if my stories will be online or in print.  Sometimes, they’re just news releases we send out to different media in town.

I’m actually particularly fond of the second story about the Persian musician.  I had the chance to re-connect with an old classmate, since she was involved in bringing Kalhor (an internationally-renown musician) to campus.

It was actually really interesting.  You can learn more about the musician, Kayhan Kalhor, at his website: http://www.kayhankalhor.net.

If you’re a fan of Kalhor’s music, get to the concert on Friday if you get the chance – or just leave a comment here and tell me what you like about his music or which song of his is your favorite. is

New Position

I recently started my internship with UT’s marketing department.  I’ll be writing for the university newsletter, UT News.

Keep checking back for links to some of my UT News articles.  I’ve already finished a few, and there are some interesting thinks to look out for!