UT Students: The Mill Magazine

Students at the University of Toledo can now submit poetry, short prose and art to student literary publication The Mill. The Mill, founded in Fall 2010 by UT English Department graduate students, is a literary publication by students, for students at UT. The student publication was first published during spring semester 2011 and will printContinue reading “UT Students: The Mill Magazine”

Workshopping: Poetry

Third in a series about writing workshops.  The first article was about general workshop guidelines and the second about short fiction.  The fourth will focus on scripts and the fifth on workshopping and editing long fiction. This week, we’ll talk about workshopping poetry, including how you should format your poems, what specifically to have, andContinue reading “Workshopping: Poetry”

Poem: “Toledo Skies”

The city falls asleep each night as the gold-orange streetlamps light the sky Purple swathes of cloud float above treetop hills and tar-covered roofs What is there to a city besides people? When the people are not there at all when the nightfall drives them to the cover of front porch chairs and backyard patiosContinue reading “Poem: “Toledo Skies””