New Editor’s Letter at Girls in Capes – The Womanhood Issue

In this month’s editor’s letter, I discuss something very, very personal to me: how I started to realize that my childhood was over.

It would be very difficult to pinpoint the moment at which I truly felt as if I’d become a woman. Three years, after all, feels like a short amount of time between feeling like a child and feeling like an adult. It wasn’t the moment I walked into grad school, or the moment I crossed the stage at graduation; it wasn’t when I moved in with a significant other for the first time, or when we moved out after breaking up.

But there’s one way I’ve noticed my slow and steady transition over the course of years — not just the past three years, but starting from the time I was only in middle school.

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New Editor’s Letter at Girls in Capes for December’s Hope issue!

There’s a new editor’s letter at Girls in Capes!

I’m not going to say that I cried when I wrote this one, but…

Fiction can be mindless entertainment, but it can also be so much more.  It’s an escape for some of us, a chance to disappear into someone else’s life for a while — or it can be a reflection of the struggles we face every day and offer the hope that there’s something brighter and more beautiful waiting ahead of us.

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New Editor’s Letter at Girls in Capes – The Second Problematic Favorite Issue

I’m a few days late, but check out my newest Editor’s Letter for the October issue at Girls in Capes: The Second Problematic Favorite Issue.

My preferences in fiction and fact are incredibly far apart, but that’s one reason to look at my preferences in fiction even more closely.  What exactly do I like so much about characters like Kouga and Gaston, anyway? Why do I keep feeding a monster of misogyny in entertainment?

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