Please buy 16 stickers of Cat-lo Ren

Last month, I showed off a new article for The Portalist nerdy cat names full of and kittyriffic art by Susan Morrissey.


Now you can buy some pretty boss merch from The Portalist on Teepublic featuring the aforementioned nerdy cats.

I, um, got a little excited on Twitter.

Cat-lo Ren is by FAR my favorite, even though he’s ugly. In fact, I love him so much BECAUSE he’s ugly.

I’m also a fan of snakes, to be fair.

Anyway, I’m going to buy at LEAST one sticker of Cat-lo to put on my planner.

While I’m not at all a THG fan, I do like the illustration of Catnip Everdeen, and hope to one day own her upon a fancy travel mug.

The best thing about the Harry Pawter shirt is that you can get it IN YOUR ACTUAL HOGWARTS HOUSE COLOR. Gryffindor? There’s two shades of red. Ravenclaw? Several blues and a brown, if you have too much blue. Slytherin? You probably don’t want a Harry Pawter shirt anyway.

This is one of the coolest things, let’s be real, and I’m beyond stoked about it. Tell me what you’d pick up, and don’t forget to check out the full list of cat names at The Portalist!


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