Book Mail for the week ending February 11, 2017

Even more review titles this week! And one non-review title. 

There’s a few Yen Press titles this week for series I’ve reviewed previously.

Oriko*Magica: Sadness Prayer, Volume 2 is next up in the Madoka*Magica franchise. You can check out my Girls in Capes review of the first volume now.

Horimiya, Volume 6 will be the next in my ongoing review of the Horimiya series, a slice-of-life romance manga for teens. It’s one of my favorites, and my review of Volume 5 will be live on Girls in Capes later this month.

Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun, Volume 6 is part of another ongoing review series I’m doing for Girls in Capes. Nozaki-kun is a comedy 4-koma manga about the daily struggles of Chiyo Sakura, who’s in love with the eponymous Nozaki — who happens to be a famous shoujo manga-ka.

Next is a book sent by a friend and colleague: When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon. This young adult (New Adult?) romance follows Dimple Shah, a recent high school grad whose mother is obsessed with arranging her marriage. She’s not interested and heads straight for a summer coding program, where she meets Rishi Patel — not knowing he’s the young man her mother hoped to arrange her with.

When Dimple Met Rishi is one of my friend Amber’s choices for most anticipated 2017 young adult romances, and as soon as I knew it was an arranged-marriage romance, I knew I was going to be excited to read it. (It’s one of my favorite romance archetypes.)

While I’ve already gone past the February challenge goal of 17 books — we haven’t even hit the halfway point and I’m sitting at 19 books — I’m really looking forward to checking these out, especially after I’m back from ClexaCon.

You can check out my progress on this year’s 100 Books Challenge and let me know what books you’ve read so far. I can’t wait to hear about what you’re reading!


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