February 2016 Studio Calico Stationery Kit

Happy February! As you can imagine, this month’s a month full of fun stationery stuff coming in the kit subscriptions I have.

4 blank cards with matching envelopes
4 occasional cards with matching envelopes
3 swan tags with metallic gold detail
Red twine bobbin
Happy Mail washi tape
Gray heart sticker strip

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This month’s SC Stationery kit was exceptionally Valentine’s Day-themed, which wasn’t exceptionally helpful, as I’d already addressed and mailed all of my Valentine’s Day cards for this year before it even arrived…

That aside, I really did like all of the items in this month’s kit – I’m just a little disappointed they didn’t arrive sooner so I could send them this year! I’m already building a great stash for next year’s mailers.

(Disclaimer: I’m insane about doing things early. I have letters addressed to two of my friends who are moving in March and April. For their new homes.)

The color scheme this month was much more visually pleasing than last month’s, which had a weird yellow scheme going on.  I’m not an exceptional fan of yellow, orange, or brown for the most part — with the exception of kraft paper, which is texturally awesome — so I was glad that this month was more candy-toned.


There were eight cards this month, split evenly between blank cards and occasional cards. As I’ve mentioned in other reviews of the Studio Calico stationery kit, I much prefer cards that are blank inside, mainly because I’m more of a letter-writer and like to have a nice, big, blank canvas to write on.

Of the four this month, I think my favorite is the square “Hugs, not Ughs” card, pictured on the lower right. The square cards are usually really cute — I think they’re just visually pleasing to me — and there’s so much room to write in!

The colors on the Hooray! card (lower left) are also really lovely. Usually, I’m not a huge fan of pink, but the combo of the pink with the other candy colors makes dreary winter months seem so much brighter.


There were also four occasional cards, including one in the very right of the photo that’s a bit hard to see. (It’s a birthday card with a scratch-off heart on the front.)

As I mentioned, this was more of a Valentine’s-themed kit. My favorite card was the large pink card with red (dark pink?) calligraphy that quotes Mr. Darcy from Pride & Prejudice: “You have bewitched me, body & soul.” I’m a bit of a Pride & Prejudice person, so I was pretty excited about this one.

This kit had two birthday cards (unless Beard Day is an actual day and not just a birthday pun) and a cute Valentine’s emoji card.


This month’s extra stuff seemed a bit more sparse than usual, but I felt the quality made up for it. There were three different swan hanging tags with metallic gold wings, a roll of washi tape with happy mail/pen pal phrases, a bobbin of decorative twine, and a little strip of gray heart stickers that’ll go perfectly on some of the more intensely-colored envelopes.

While the swan tags were definitely the highest-quality item this month, my favorite was definitely the washi tape. I’ve already used it for multiple letters – who doesn’t like a good washi tape?

The heart stickers, on the other hand, were a little on the lackluster side – they’re not really great quality and seemed a bit more of a throwaway than SC kits usually contain. But they do fit the theme, and they’ll definitely get used up in my vast stationery supply.

Studio Calico February 2016 Stationery Kit swan tag metallic gold detail
Detail from the swan hang tags.

The theme was strong in this month’s Studio Calico Stationery Kit, which was fine by me — even if it did come too late for me to use for Valentine’s Day. The washi tape was the strongest item this month, since it’s by far the most versatile, though I definitely see myself using up most of the cards within the next couple of months with the combination of upcoming birthdays, moves, and other life events.

This month’s kit definitely reminds me why I like the Studio Calico kits so much. All of the cards were of exceptional quality, and the extras are always fun items I probably wouldn’t think to purchase myself otherwise. With the past couple months being very, very pink, though, I’m hoping the March kit will be a little, um, less pink.

What did you like about this month’s Studio Calico Stationery Kit? would you recommend this subscription to others? (If you’re not a subscriber, check out Studio Calico’s four monthly kits here. Disclaimer: That’s an affiliate link.)


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