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Last night marked my third time attending Rosemont College‘s Pub Hub, and once again, I had a fantastic time!  As I’m working on my final capstone project this year, I rarely have the opportunity to meet other students in the program, so this was my first chance to meet some of the newer students — or, in some cases, interact with them for more than a couple minutes.

First off, some of my program colleagues had some terribly exciting things happen!  It was exciting to check out some of their achievements from this semester.

My friend Sally Beeson was on the marketing team for the Maintaining and Operating a Small Press course at Rosemont.  Sally’s main focus is in social media and publicity, and as part of the class, she maintained the Twitter and Facebook accounts for Rosemont College Press and also worked on other publicity activities (you can read more in her own words here).  Several other students worked hard in that class this semester, but I’m especially proud of the work I’ve been able to see Sally doing on social media, and last night’s cover reveal of the class’ book, Another Breath, was a lot of fun.

If you have the opportunity, make sure to congratulate Sally and the other members of the Small Press class!  Another Breath is now available for preorder.

Last night also represented the first opportunity for my friend Emily London to talk about her new project, a small press called Oktopus Ink with a diversity focus.  The idea was one she had originally presented in our Building a Brand and Author Platform course during Fall 2013, which is where we originally met, and throughout the semester, those of us in the class got to watch her idea evolve.  When she approached me after the course regarding working on the project, I was flattered and thrilled to work on something with a mission so close to my heart.

You can learn more about Oktopus Ink at the website linked above, or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr.

There were so many interesting people at this year’s event!  I hope to attend next year’s Pub Hub event as well, as an alum instead of a student.


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Feliza Casano is a writer and editor with a love of speculative fiction, graphic novels, and good books. She writes and edits at Girls in Capes ( and contributes to other websites on science fiction and fantasy topics.

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