Upcoming Work

What can you look forward to seeing from me?  Here’s a nice list of upcoming publications and work in progress.  You won’t find any of my Girls in Capes work here – that’s a surprise each month!

Long Fiction

NSEF Book 1: Red (working title)

A collaborative novel co-written with my friend Emily London.  A magical girl-inspired series and the first in an expected quartet, Book 1 focuses on sophomore Dani Brunswick, whose smooth debut at her all-girls boarding school gets disrupted by a giant mutant iguana.  (What?)  Dani’s life only gets more complicated when she and her best friend Cara are recruited into the Night Corps, an organization that fights the giant monsters that stalk the city at night.

You can find out more about this book on Emily’s Current Projects page on her site.  You should check it out anyway – she has a novel coming out soon titled Fireproof.

If you’re interested in this project, Tweet at us (@FelizaCasano and @london_emi) and we’ll give you a couple previews.  If you’re especially interested, I post on Twitter and Instagram about this book with the hashtag #NSEF1Red.

NSEF Book 2: Blue (working title)

The sequel to Book 1!  I can’t say much about this one except that it focuses more on Dani’s best friend, Cara, as they learn more about the Night Corps and the Corps’ enemies.

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