In this section: reviews, primarily adult science fiction or manga.

  • B-T-7-darkerMonthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun, Vol. 1 – A slice-of-life comedy manga with a larger cast.
  • Lois Lane: Double Down – An only slightly speculative-fiction young adult novel adaptation of the iconic comic book character as a teen. Double Down is the second in the series, and I also reviewed Fallout for Girls in Capes.
  • Behind the Throne – An adult space opera about a woman whose life as a bounty hunter ends when she’s brought back to the royal family she was born into to take the throne.

Defy the Stars Marries Religion and Space Opera in an Action-Packed Romance

In this young adult science fiction romance, a young soldier meets an eerily human-like enemy android and takes him along on her mission to fight Earth’s tyranny — only to discover that she might be very wrong about both Earth and the android after all.

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