Script Frenzy 2012


  • Project Title: Half-Sized Tiger (working)
  • Writing Partner: None
  • Genre: Adaptations > Drama
  • Adapted from: Toradora! light novels, anime, and manga. Original light novels written by Takemiya Yuyuko with illustrations by Yasu. Anime produced by J.C.Staff. Manga written by Takemiya Yuyuko and illustrated by Zekkyo.
  • Logline: Two teen delinquents team up to overcome obstacles and attend college despite their lifelong gang leader rivalry.
  • Potential Leads: Coming Soon
  • Soundtrack: Coming Soon


Three-part format:

Ryan, a physically intimidating teen, fronts as the leader of the Blue Dragons gang, but he’s actually a big softie who loves cooking and keeping house more than fighting. After a huge fight against rival gang the Tiger Grrls – and rival gang leader Tori – Ryan decides he wants to quit the Blue Dragons to pursue his dream of following the lovely Kate, Tori’s best friend, to college. Tori, who has a huge crush on Ryan’s best friend David, threatens to reveal his humiliating crush unless he helps her get into the same college as David.

The next two paragraphs are forthcoming.


Follow my progress with the tracker in the sidebar or below:

Day 1: 11 pages (11%)

Day 7: 24 pages (24%)

Day 15: Coming Soon

Day 21: Coming Soon

Day 30: Coming Soon

More SF Goodness

This month, I’m hosting all sorts of Script Frenzy goodness on my blog – from guest posts to information about Toledo events!

Keep checking back for more, since there’s going to be quite a bit more to read this month.  You can always visit my profile on the Script Frenzy site and add me as a Writing Buddy or even simply follow my progress.  You can also view more info about my SF project, “Half-Sized Tiger,” in the sidebar.

If you’re a member of the UT Writer’s Guild, check out the UTWG hangout thread in the Script Frenzy Writing Groups & Clubs forum.

Guests on Feliza’s blog

You can expect to see these writers on my blog this month:

  • Cliff Garstka, Sr. – Double Challenge
  • Alex J. Freemont
  • Elizabeth A. (UT Writer’s Guild)

Feliza on other blogs

You can expect to see me on these blogs at a later date:

To request a Screnzy guest post, e-mail me at felizacasano [at] gmail [dot] com.

Toledo Events

28 March: UTWG Celtx Workshop, The University of Toledo Student Union South Lounge

01 April: UTWG Script Frenzy Kickoff & Write-in, Biggby Coffee at Cricket West

More events coming soon!

The Outcome

Win?  Lose?  Only time will tell in April 2012’s Script Frenzy!



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