NaNoWriMo 2016


  • Project Title: A Night Full of Red (working title; our designation for this book is “NSEF 1 Red”)
  • nanowrimo_2016_webbadge_participant-180Writing Partner: Emily London
  • Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult
  • Soundtrack: Coming Soon

I attended the Rathalla Review Write-A-Thon on November 5 at Rosemont College.

My writing partner and I will be splitting the total word count for a goal of 25,000 each and 50,000 combined instead of aiming for 50,000 words each.


nsef-1-red-coverOn transferring to an all-girls academy, Dani hopes to make a fresh start — except she’s not doing such a great job. Jaded by her recent military school expulsion, she gets into an altercation with the student council president, Lily, whose disdain leaks from her eyeballs.

After a chance encounter with Cara, the most popular girl at St. Talia’s, the girls enter a time freeze, only to be attacked by a grotesque and mysterious monster. To their surprise, they’re saved by what can only be described as a “magical girl” who looks like she came straight out of an anime: bright violet hair, a fluffy skirt, and a pair of shiny magical swords. What’s more, she looks suspiciously like Dani’s disdain-leaking seat neighbor.

Soon, Dani and Cara are recruited by a mysterious organization, the Night Corps, which fights the grotesque monsters and their commanders, a group known as the Night Coven. After gaining a new power to help fight the monsters, Dani and Cara join with a veteran to form a three-person team – coming face to face with a terrifyingly angry Lily. She prevents the two from engaging in combat until, caught unaware, Dani and Cara are caught in the crossfire of a Night Coven attack.


(Right: Our official NaNoWriMo writing calendar, which is connected to our NaNoWriMo account. Bold red means we were way below word count; Light red shows days we were slightly below word count; Light green shows days that we went slightly above word count; Bold green days are the best because they show we went way over word count.)

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