NaNoWriMo 2015


  • Project Title: Fever Dreams
  • Writing Partner: None
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Soundtrack: Coming Soon


Dani Brunswick saves her teammates from a monster’s blow, then goes home to the fanfare she’s always dreamed of.

Cara Davis saves her teammates from a monster’s blow, then wins the love of the girl she’s been longing for.

Lily Song saves her teammates from a monster’s blow – she thinks, but something about how smoothly things are going seems somehow wrong.

When a monster’s blow leaves Lily’s team unconscious and almost dangerously ill in the middle of a battle, it’s up to the notorious Team Nightmare to protect the girls of the Dream Team while backup arrives. But while Sam searches for the witch and Casey keeps the biggest creatures away, Ran struggles to protect the fallen Night Soldiers without the flawless other half he has in Lily.

While the Dream Team fights their own dreams, Team Nightmare has a battle fiercer than what they’ve faced before – because now they’re facing it alone.


  • Nov. 1: Coming Soon
  • Nov. 7: Coming Soon
  • Nov. 15: Coming Soon
  • Nov. 21: Coming Soon
  • Nov. 30: Coming Soon

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