Maintaining Motivation

On Mondays, my various social media feeds are filled with #MotivationMonday posts. Motivation to eat healthy. Motivation to exercise. Motivation to push forward in whatever today’s activity happens to be.

Some weeks, I welcome the motivation. Other weeks, not so much.

Other weeks, these kinds of posts make me feel incredibly guilty. I don’t have the energy to go running or work out, I think to myself. I don’t have the budget to make this kind of food.

That means I’m not motivated enough, right?

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First August snail mail

My schedule and habits have been pretty disrupted because of my move and the start of my new job in mid-June. I’m getting back on track, though. The stamps for my first August letters were the really pretty flower ones – I have a lot of cool stamps to use, so I’m excited to get more.

Side note: This year, USPS will have Wonder Woman stamps for the anniversary! The first-day-of-issue ceremony will be held on Oct. 7 on the first day of New York Comic Con.