Horimiya, Volume 6 takes the slice-of-life romance in a new direction

My latest review of the Horimiya manga series is live now at Girls in Capes:

Volume 6 opens with other characters, but largely explores the nuances of romance as a teen. Not all of the characters could possibly end up with a happily ever after — like another manga I’ve reviewed — yet the story reflects some very real experiences that teens have when pursuing and entering relationships.

Volume 6 covers some pretty interesting and different topics, but please note there are some mild spoilers in my review!

Love is in the air – so check out some OTPs on The Portalist

Valentine’s Day? Valentine’s Day.

Love is in the air—even if we’re only interested in the love consuming our favorite science fiction and fantasy novels’ characters. No matter if the Hallmark holiday gives you good or bad vibes, we couldn’t resist the chance to celebrate our favorite swoon-worthy romances.

This was a ton of fun to write, and I have to own up to my favorites: Ron/Hermione, June/Day, and Moon/Jade. (Leia and Han are up there, too, but I love them absolutely most in the movies!)

Anyway, make sure to check out all 12 couples in the article up on The Portalist.


Read my Q&A with Damian Duffy & John Jennings

My newest interview at Girls in Capes features Damian Duffy and John Jennings, the comic artists behind the graphic novel adaptation of Octavia Butler’s Kindred.

One of Butler’s greatest talents, in fact, is portraying those who are victims of violence and subjugation in a manner that portrays their full humanity. In Kindred, she does this with absolute mastery, showing many aspects of life during that era and examining the question of how exactly people allowed the horrors of slavery to go on.

I really love Octavia Butler’s work and recently reread Kindred (the original novel) for the Amalgam Monthly Book Club. I would definitely encourage any American to read Kindred to get a better sense of the history of our nation and how race relations continue to impact our society.


My review of The Stars Are Legion is live now at Girls in Capes

I’m excited to share my newest review, which is live now at Girls in Capes:

Legion is a wonderful book, and I did enjoy it for the way it made me think about the world, but it’s not a book to read if you’re looking specifically for better and more diverse types of romances. If you’re not super interested in happy romances, this would be a perfectly fine book for you, but if any book epitomizes our Toxic Romance theme for this month, this one is it.

As a warning, The Stars Are Legion contains many references and depictions of physical, mental, and emotional abuse, and there’s also cannibalism and some other kinda squicky bits. Anyway, I discuss it further in my review — you can check that out now.