Feliza Casano Girls in Capes Main Line Today Photo by Tessa Marie Images


My name is Feliza Casano, and before you ask, my first name is pronounced like “Feliz Navidad” with an A at the end. (I’ll make that joke now before you start thinking you’re funny in December.)

I write at the intersection of race, gender, identity, and science fiction as the editor of Girls in Capes, an inclusive entertainment and geek culture website. Diversity and representation are two of my highest values, and I discuss representation at Girls in Capes and here on my blog.

I’m also an officer for the Philadelphia chapter of Geek Girl Brunch.

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I’ve had the great honor of speaking on diversity and representation in entertainment as part of my work for Girls in Capes, including the launching event of the Women Unbound reading series. Along the East Coast, where I currently reside, I can be found at comic cons and other geek culture events. Contact me via my email at Girls in Capes to inquire about event scheduling or interview requests.

Literacy, writing, and education are important to me, and I’ve supported nonprofits in those areas for a few years.  Please consider visiting or making a contribution to Reading is Fundamental or The Office of Letters and Light.